About Our Fragrances and Flavors


Made with no essential/fragrance oils for those that prefer a fragrance free product.  

(Note that our natural lip balm is not flavored.)



The natural, calming herbal scent of fragrant lavender.



A delicate yet enchanting woodsy scent that features berry, mandarin, coconut, apricot, mimosa, frangipani, honeysuckle, vanilla, and musk.


Cotton Blossom

The country scent of pure cotton in full bloom.



The pure earthy herbal scent of patchouli leaves, sweet, and dark with a woody edge.



Pomegranate with citrus zest and deep musky notes of patchouli and spice, a very popular scent.


Lemon Verbena

An invigorating, refreshing, and light citrus fragrance.



Smells like blue skies in summer time with a warm fruity scent and sweet vanilla undertones.



A hypnotic blend of Italian bergamot, rare camellias & exotic sandalwood with just a hint of patchouli.



Masculine and handsome comes to mind with pine enveloped with the scent of fir needles and soft floral undertones.



Vanilla (Lip Balm)

A sweet, delectable, and sugary flavor.


Cherry (Lip Balm)

The sweet, tangy, and juicy taste of cherries.