About Our Fragrances and Flavors


Natural: Made with no essential/fragrance oils for those that prefer a fragrance free product.

Lavender: The natural, calming herbal scent of fragrant lavender.

Honey & Oats: With a touch of vanilla and almond smells like something you want to eat.

Twilight: A woodsy scent that features berries, fruits, honeysuckle, vanilla, and musk.

Cotton Blossom: A soft floral country scent of pure cotton in full bloom.

Patchouli: The pure earthy herbal scent of patchouli leaves, sweet, and dark with a woody edge.

Pomegranate: with citrus zest and deep musky notes of patchouli and spice, a very popular scent.

Lemon Verbena:An herbal scent with refreshing light citrus fragrance.

Sunshine:Smells like a warm summer with a fruity scent and sweet vanilla undertones.

Lady: A hypnotic blend of bergamot, rare camellias & exotic sandalwood with just a hint of patchouli.

Gentleman: Masculine with pine, fir needles, clove,and soft floral undertones.

White Tea Ginger: A slightly sweet but invigorating fresh fragrance.



Peppermint: Cooling like the peppermint candy we all enjoy.

Natural: Plain Jane with no added flavor.

Cherry: The sweet, tangy, and juicy taste of cherries.