Retail Price: $24.00 (Save $6.00)

May be the best shave you've ever had.

Three piece sets make great gifts. Contact us for custom orders and sets up to 6 pices for pricing. We can also do sets with lotions, body butters, etc... with just a phone call or email.

Retail Price: $8.00 (Save $2.00)

Lotion in an easy to use solid.


Retail Price: $7.00 (Save $2.00)

Attractive designed wood deck keeps soap dry.

Retail Price: $6.00 (Save $1.00)

100% cotton in neutral cream color.

Retail Price: $4.00 (Save $1.00)

Hand crochet nylon tulle exfoliating pad.


Retail Price: $15.00 (Save $3.00)

Luxurious heavy cream for your skin.

Retail Price: $20.00 (Save $2.00)

Pure cleaning power with just one scoop. (48 oz.)

Retail Price: $12.00 (Save $2.00)

Light and wholesome goodness for your skin.

Retail Price: $6.00 (Save $1.00)

Old fashioned hand made soap. (4-5 oz.)